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Side Stand Extension Enlarger for BMW R 1200 GS LC 2013 - 2018 Models


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The Lone Rider MotoArmor side stand extension design has been engineered to give your bike the best footing possible on soft or loose ground.


With this essential add-on, you can have the confidence to stop on sand, mud, and gravel without the motorbike sinking and falling over. 

The Lone Rider side stand extension increases the footprint of OEM side stand and achieves better stabilization when the motorbike is parked.


  • Extra large footprint area 
  • Boot scraping teeth to remove mud logged in boot soles
  • Tire bead breaker teeth to assist tire removal
  • Solid stainless steel construction and hardware
  • Hardened aluminum layer design for weight reduction
  • Modular fitting add-ins to fit all types of BMW R 1200 side stands
  • Clever weight reduction design
  • Vibration rattle proof dampening pad


bmw r 1200 gs Side stand extension testing in mud

-Side Stand extension testing in soft deep mud.

The design introduces three other adventure rider-centric functions. The first is the extended surface but with weight removed so the side stand will not slip down, triggering the side stand switch turning off the motorbike mid-ride.

The second is an integrated boot cleaner. In off-road conditions, mud tends to stick to the sole of the riding boots making it difficult to have a secure footing on the pegs, also mud reduces reaction and getting a solid footing when picking the motorbike. With the integrated boot cleaner, simply scrape the boot over the teeth to clear debris.

The last adventure rider-centric feature is the two tire removal assistance teeth. When changing tires on the road, use the integrated teeth to pinpoint pressure using the side stand and the weight of the bike to remove the tire. 

The solid stainless steel construction and hardened anodized aluminum layered design make it resistant to the elements and unsurpassed quality.

Included is an anti-vibration rattle proofing pad to stop movement and annoying rattles you find with other products, so you can concentrate and enjoy the road ahead. 

    What's included?

    • Lone Rider Side Stand Extension Enlarger
    • All attachment fixings and hardware
    • Adaptor spacers for all types of OEM side stands
    • Installation instructions
    • Lone Rider merch pack

      Technical details:

      • Size: 110/70/15mm
      • Weight: 210 grams
      • Stainless Steel construction
      • Stainless Steel hardware
      • Hardened anodized aluminum 2024 (the toughest)
      • Easy to clean and no maintenance required*
      • Simple to install

       *Regular inspection and maintenance is advised to confirm correct fit and operational functions.



      Compatible with R 1200 GS Adventure 2013 - 2018

      Compatible with Rallye and Exclusive models

      Lone Rider Side Stand extension fitting sizes

      This side stand extension enlarger fits all three different liquid-cooled BMW R 1200 GS, BMW R 1200 GSA, BMW R 1200 Rallye, and BMW R 1200 Exclusive and lowered models  2013 to 2018 models.

      Images representative only and not a final product

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