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What's included ?

- MotoBags

- Waterproof Liners inside the MotoBags

- All Attachments to Racks

- Locking System

Ready to travel!


👉 Why Semi-Rigid is better than Alu Boxes ?

1. Lighter than Alu Boxes
2. Less Dangerous than Alu Boxes in case of fall (you don't break your leg or worse!!)
3. 100% waterproof (Alu boxes are NOT  )
4. Can be locked (like Alu boxes)
5. Doesn't get damaged in case of fall (Alu Boxes can get bended after a fall)

👉 Why Semi-Rigid is better than Soft Bags ?

1. Because you can lock them 
2. Because they keep their sexy shape
3. Because you can put a lot of weight on it, like Alu Boxes (tested with 50kg load on both sides)

MotoBags - Motorcycle Bags

MotoBags - The Best Bags for Motorbikes

The MotoBags can be compressed when not in use. You just need to remove the board shown above.

The MotoBags come with a locking system to avoid opportunist theft (included in the price).

A lot of accessories of your choice can be fixed at no extra cost. Thanks to the MOLLE system :

MotoBags - Semi Rigid Panniers for Motorcycle

And, of course, you can add the Velcro Patches of your choice on the front of the MotoBags:

MotoBags Dimensions Motorcycle Bags


  • 45 liters MotoBag:
    1. 44x39x28 cms (28 cms -11 inches- wide)
  • 38 liters MotoBag:
    1. 44x39x23 cms (23 cms -9 inches- wide)
  • 31 liters MotoBag:
    1. 44x39x20 cms (20 cms -7.9 inches- wide)

    Mounting System:


     👉 What Racks/Frame are compatible ?

    Touratech / Givi / SW-Motech / 1200GS / 1200GSA / 1200GS LC / 1200GSA LC / 800GS / 800GSA / KTM ADV / Hepco Becker / Wolfman / HappyTrail

    Please message us if you have a pannier rack that is not listed here and we will help you.


    👉 What Racks/Frame do Lone Rider sell ?

    We sell racks for these bikes:

    BMW: R1200GS/GSA, F800GS/GSA, F700GS, F650GS twin cyl., F650GS single cyl., G650GS, G650X, S1000XR

    HONDA: CRF1000L Africa Twin, NC700X, NC750X, CB500X, XRV 750 Africa Twin 1998+

    KTM: 1190/1290 ADV/1050, 990 ADV/950 ADV, 950 SM / 990 SM, 640 ADV, 690 Enduro, DUKE 390/200

    Suzuki: DL 650 V-STROM, DL 1000 V-STROM

    Yamaha: XT1200Z, XT660Z, MT-09 Tracer

    Kawasaki: KLR650, KLE650, Versys 650

    Ducati: MULTISTRADA 

    Purchase the racks here:


    The Fabric we use for the whole MotoBag  :


    Hypalon® is a great performance elastomer used in heavy duty products such as rafts, containment suits, and outdoor equipment. The material is an extremely versatile polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber (CSM) noted for its resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet light.

    Hypalon is used on Rafting Boats. Hitting Rocks at high speed.

    The Best in the World.

    One of the first videos we made of the Hypalon.


    The High Frequency Welding that we use for the MotoBags:


     And we use Dyneema and Kevlar for the stitching.

    The strongest in the world. Again.


     Why the MotoBags ?

    Since the beginning of motorcycling, luggage was an issue. Bikes offer ease of travel, are more economical, get you to your destination much quicker (if needed), and keep you the closer to nature than any other non-animal powered machine.


    But there’s always been the problem of carrying the necessities, whether that’s a case of beer to your friend’s for weekend party or the bare essentials for a three-month journey across China.


    Modernity has offered various solutions, and the hottest item on the market known in regards to luggage are aluminum panniers. These saddlebags are manufactured by some of the largest motorcycle companies worldwide, including the OEMs.


    But they don’t provide the ultimate solution. In fact, they present many issues, regardless if you’re fighting the urban jungle en route to the office or plant on a rainy day, or blasting some tight trails aboard your BMW R 1200 GS during an ADV tour of some exotic country where the necessities are needed not only for comfort, but sometimes survival.


    With that said, we’ve listened to complaints from all types of riders. After talking with many, we’ve discovered there are four major problems that a majority of the riders complain about.


    The problems with aluminum motorcycle panniers are:


    1. Not 100% Waterproof

    2. Dangerous if you Crash

    3. Heavy

    4. Don’t Hold Up During Impact


    Where there’s a need, there’s always a solution. This is what prompted us to get to work on our MotoBags, which reside on semi-rigid frames. These will provide another solution to a problem such as our MotoTent did for the serious motorcycle traveler needing the comforts of home when far away from society.


    But for now, let’s address these main four issues of aluminum motorcycle panniers: lack of waterproofness; dangerous; heavy; and lack of durability. These issues are not just from our experience, but from fellow riders we've met from around the globe and through our social media channels.


    Aluminum Pannier Issue #1: Not Waterproof


    We won’t mention brands; that’s never the point. What we will mention, though, is those experiences others had with the typical aluminum panniers designed by some of the world’s leading aftermarket motorcycle accessory companies. This includes the OEM themselves.


    The problem resides in construction, mostly in the seams. Not only the seams from the openings, which typically have seals that go bad after a mere few hundred miles/kilometers, but also the seams from the construction of the bags themselves.


    While riding, waterproofing presents little issues; the reason is water flows from front to back of the pannier, with only a drop here or there that can penetrate the boundaries of seams. But when stopping, and there’s no flow of wind to push this water behind, penetration can occur quickly.


    Waterproofness would be a minimal issue if we didn’t stop to actually enjoy some of the sights or a good breakfast/lunch/dinner daily, or when the proverbial “nature calls” during a storm. This is when poor construction of aluminum panniers can ruin a day, week, month or year of traveling.


    That’s in weather-related conditions. What if you do drop the bike, either at a gas station or a gnarly off-road path that your soul craved? Aluminum panniers dent easy, busting construction seams or distorting the actual lid that works in unison with the body of the pannier to keep all waterproof.


    There were many times we all experienced crashes, and had to use the hardest object around—rock, base of a socket wrench, or tree branch—to get them back into shape. And afterwards the rain crept in faster. The solution...well we’re working on it with our MotoBags. But more on that later.


    Aluminum Pannier Issue #2: Danger Danger


    Ever get stuck between two trees, or avoid a car coming in your lane only to have your pannier hung up on one of those trees or that car? We have. And both incidents resulted in crashes.


    The reason is simply deflection. When your bike grows by even an inch wider, things get in the way when trying to pursue the ultimate immediate-second decision of crash or no crash, which can sometimes mean continuing on your trip or being laid up in the hospital, or something worse.


    Motorcycles panniers need to deflect and flex when they encounter something solid. The problem is these square luggage tanks hate losing their shape. But when they do, you’re going for a ride somewhere you didn’t want to...and so is your body and bike.


    These bags are also rigid to your bike’s frame, meaning if you hit a tree on trail or a car or whatever, your motorcycle is going to respond as energetically as the bags. If they used a semi-rigid position, meaning they’d actually tear off, you’d be safe.

    The ultimate solution would be having bags tear off in these situations, and be able to reattach without issue. All while your luggage remained safe, and more importantly, you kept control of the bike, keeping you and the bike safe.


    The solution is underway…


    Aluminum Pannier Issue #3: Heavy


    We spend so much coin on keeping things light due to the normal functions of a motorcycle. We want our motorcycle’s center of gravity to never be offset by heavy saddlebags that protrude to the right and left, or left and right. But when we are traveling—even if it’s a laptop and some business plans or tools for the job—we don’t want to ride with more weight than necessary.


    First, and foremost for most riders, it slows us down! Secondly, though, and more importantly, it plays tricks on our suspension, which can cause some serious handling issues, regardless if we’re WOT on the Highway of Bones or heading for a coffee at the local StarBucks in Washington.


    Aluminum motorcycle panniers are heavy. It’s not only the bags themselves, but the attachment systems, which brings us to next point.


    Aluminum Pannier Issue #4: Durability


    As riders, especially the hardcore adventure tourists who won’t stop until endless miles have satisfied the need, incidents happen. We’re not talking crashes here, but incidents.


    How many times have you dropped your bike? Or got thrown off track due to your bike being a bit too wide for that trail you wanted to accomplish on what is supposed to be a storytelling, legendary-trip?


    This is where the aluminum saddlebags just don't work. We’ve ripped them off; we’ve dropped bikes in places where we thought we had footing; we parked bikes to relieve bladders and came back to see them grounded on a rock. This is all part of motorcycling, and if your bags can’t handle this, how can your mentality handle the rest of the trip?


    Bolts shear off; things get deformed from little knacks here or there in trees. We are riding, and expressing our enjoyment for life. This is what motorcyclists do. The last thing you want is to fix an unfixable bolt or attachment or formality of a bag when you simply want to return to what’s at hand - riding a motorcycling and fulfilling life.


    Durability is an issue with aluminum panniers...not only due to their construction and bursting at seams, but also the attachments of where these things become united to your motorcycle. The motorcycle that creates your lifestyle.


    Also, there are some quirky issues, such as with the typical lanyard cord that holds the lids from opening too far, or flying away if not fastened. These cords bend quickly, and can get caught up on the interior mounting mechanisms. This prevents the bags from opening all the way from one end, meaning you have to detach both ends, reach under, and reposition the lanyard. Something that shouldn't happen when the ride is in focus.


    Concluding Thoughts


    These are just some of the complaints we've heard, but enough to prompt LoneRider to head out and offer a solution. The answer resides in our MotoBags.


     Video: The MotoBags on the Road

     Video: How to wash your MotoBags

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